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The Beauty of ASIA

Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Go for the ecology - the huge mountains, the lush jungle and the absurdly exotic wildlife. Go for the food - the curries, the noodles and the local delicacies. Or simply go for sun and relaxation.


Asia in a nutshell

Walking through the marketplaces of Mumbai is like catapulting yourself into a food lover's heaven. Amongst ancient temples and neon lit streets, Seoul is where K-Pop comes alive. Lazing on the paradise beaches of the Philippines is like something straight out of a movie. Asia is a world of contrasts where dramatic natural wonders and vibrant cities, the traditional and the futuristic collide. It's no wonder so many are mesmerised by beauty and variety of experiences that travelling to Asia can offer.


Travelling to Asia

Travelling to Asia is pretty easy these days, with lots of direct flights available from UK and Spanish airports to the likes of New Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. With Elite Travel, you can be sure we'll get you there with the best possible deal. 


South East Asia

Dive into the hedonistic, never-ending action of some massively exciting cities such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Chill out on some of Thailand and Bali's best beaches, explore the ancient wonders of Cambodia and sail around Vietnam's incredible Halong Bay. And that's just the beginning of what South East Asia has to offer!


East Asia

From the iconic harbour of Hong Kong to the Great Wall of China; bustling Tokyo to tranquil Mongolia; Korean BBQs to fresh sushi and fiery noodles - East Asia offers visitors an unforgettable mix of scenery, cities, history and culture.


Indian subcontinent

Take on Everest Base Camp or chill on the beaches of Goa. Shop in Rajasthan's colourful markets and visit the beautiful tea plantations of Sri Lanka. Whether you're after an action-packed adventure or want to kick back and relax, the Indian Subcontinent is for you.


Trip Inspiration

We know that Asia's jam packed with hidden temples, crazy sky-scrapers, secret beaches and forgotten villages - the question now is how can you experience all this? Whether you're planning a fun-filled two week holiday or want to stay for a few months, we can hook you up with the best options.



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