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The Beauty of Canada

Often labeled one of the best cities in North America, Montreal brings European flair to eastern Canada. Fill up on poutine and smoked meat, get lost in the historic old town—and brush up on your French.

Niagara is a confusing combination of incredible natural beauty from the falls and kitschy tourist attractions on the Canadian side. Our suggestion: Ride Maid of the Mist, snap a few photos, and beeline to the nearby wine region.


Ottawa boasts a year-round farmer's market, a French chateau in the middle of town, and the National Gallery of Canada (don't worry, the giant spider sculpture outside is just artwork).

Quebec City is a bit of Europe in North America: stroll cobblestoned streets and picturesque squares all within the old fortress walls—it's the only fortified city north of Mexico with walls still intact.

Diverse Toronto offers a perfect recipe for urban getaways: top-notch cuisine, innovative art and architecture, world-class attractions, and friendly residents.

Incredible scenery, outdoor adventures, and a diverse food scene make Vancouver a must-see on any trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The lovely capital of British Columbia offers myriad attractions: See the world-famous Butchart Gardens, the oldest Chinatown in Canada, and whales off the coast (in season).

Alberta it's hard to believe the blue of Peyto Lake. In pictures, the colour of this radiant body of water looks enhanced or altered in some way, but when you see it first hand, you realize it's resplendently real.

One of Banff National Park's most beloved attractions, Peyto Lake (pronounced pea - toe) gets its famous turquoise hue from ancient glaciers that melt "glacial dust" into it each summer.

 When the sun hits the lake, the blue rock powder radiates a crystal blue. Though Peyto Lake is too cold for swimming, crowds still flock year round to behold its clear cobalt waters, framed by the forested shores and snow capped Rocky Mountains. 

Peyto Lake is named for Bill Peyto, an immigrant from near Banff, Scotland (where Banff, Canada gets its name) who worked the railroad, fought in WWI, and was one of Banff National Park's earliest wardens. A large photo of Peyto figures prominently at the entrance of the park. 

The lake's elevation is 1,880 m, its length is 2.8 km, and its area is 5.3 square km.


Ontario Oh, the places you can go when you visit Ontario.

One of Canada's 13 provinces and territories, Ontario is home to more than a third of all Canadians as well as the financial capital of Toronto and the national capital, Ottawa. 

Ontario is much more than just a hub of activity for stock brokers and politicians though. This sumptuous slice of Canada features a diverse range of geography that includes thousands of protected lakes and forests, charming small towns, historical sites, and bustling, multicultural centres. 

Canada's second largest province after Quebec, Ontario is about the size of California, Nevada and Arizona combined. Its population is highly centralized in the "Golden Horseshoe" region, which wraps around the western end of Lake Ontario. This region is especially popular for visitors as it features the handy one-two attraction whammy that is Niagara Falls and Toronto a mere 1.5 hour drive apart. 

Once you head north of the Golden Horseshoe, the population thins drastically, with the northern region, comprising about half of Ontario, being essentially uninhabited. 

When you plan your Ontario travel itinerary, don't forget the size of Ontario and how you'll be getting from place to place. Traversing the entire province takes more than 24 hours and roads can be mighty rugged in spots, not to mention what it's like to get around in winter. 

Cape Berton Cape Breton is an island at the tip of Nova Scotia - one of the Maritime provinces in Eastern Canada. Although Cape Breton is part of Nova Scotia, it has a distinct identity. Today, Cape Breton is an island famous for its Celtic heritage, which visitors may enjoy through the music, food and charm of the people. Cape Breton is also home to one of the world's most beautiful drives: the Cabot Trail.



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