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Who we are & why choose Elite Travel Ltd

Elite Travel what makes us tick?


Headed by Victor Cardona, who has over 28 years experience in the travel trade profession.

Elite travel is stronger than ever with new destinations, unbeatable prices and vast selection of destinations worldwide. Elite are the top sellers for the many brands,who work exclusively in favour of their clients. These include Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises and many others  that offer excellent deals. 

We've built our reputation on delivering exceptional holidays to some of the world's most desirable destinations in incredible hotels and resorts, backed by an informed Travel Specialist and support team.

To have gathered this knowledge has taken us over two decades and countless miles traveled. We believe that the first hand information at our fingertips and the relationships we've forged with key suppliers is a priceless asset when creating bespoke travel experiences.

From our personal experience, we strongly believe that booking with a reputable tour operator brings a number of important benefits that may not be immediately obvious, so we have created our 7-step guide to help you understand the benefits of booking with Elite Travel :

1. We always get a better price than you can source direct.
If we couldn't, there would be no market for us.

2. We listen to your needs.
Trip Advisor and similar sites offer lots of personal insight but their guidance can be highly subjective. With over 28 years of expertise, we know that everyone has different needs and preferences for their perfect luxury holiday. We never sell what we haven't seen and if it isn't right for you, we won't recommend it!

3. We are here to help when things go wrong.
We believe the real value of a travel agent is evident when there's a crisis; whether that be volcanic ash or even just a flight schedule change. Our team provides assistance and a genuine fast track to getting problems solved, which means that you're not just at the mercy of the 'customer service' desk at the airport!

4. We explain when an offer is really an 'offer'.
Each hotel can have dozens of offers, some combinable and some tactical and some year round. We know the difference and will always find you our best price.

5. We offer added value.
Because of our strong relationships with our hotels, we make sure you benefit from the best available rooms on check-in and where available, exclusive added value offers that you may not get by booking direct with the hotel.

6. We offer true flexibility.
We are an independent business, so we can do things that other, larger operators can't, or often won't. So if you need to make changes to your booking, we'll move heaven and earth to help you.

7. We won't tie up your funds.

When you book flights and hotels online, they're usually non-refundable which means you have to pay the full balance immediately. When booking with us you can normally expect to pay a small deposit and the final balance before departure.

We know what you're thinking, ‘don't all tour operators follow these things?’ The answer is yes, they should, as this is the industry's best practice; but often some fall short of the mark.

At Elite Travel these seven principals are at the core of what we do, and it's why we're in business. We work towards them every day to ensure we differentiate ourselves in the world of tour operating, standing out from the rest of the crowd as 'the' agent to trust, because our personality is driven by our four core values: passion, inspiration, genuinity and excellence. Individually these values have an effect, but united they create the ultimate experience you dream of when looking for that all important time away.

We don't follow trends, we make them!

The Elite Travel Team

         Our friendly passionate and                               dedicated staff

                              is here to help you book your dream holiday

                                            at the best price, guaranteed.

Victor Cardona CEO

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome.

Here is a bit of my career background, from 1988 to 1990 I worked at the Rock hotel as a Junior receptionist then moved up to Senior receptionist then to Reservations manager.

As from 1990 to 1992 I moved on to Bland travel who managed to give me what I needed today and so touched all departments as follows.

Product & development , Business travel , Leisure travel ,  Ground-handling at airport and head-office , Accounts department Marketing and publicity department.

Then from 1992 to 1993 Worked for Iberia as sales and customer service.

From 1993 to 2001 at Exchange travel I started as travel agent  I was then promoted to assistant manager then to branch manager and finally to area manager this meaning that I was in charge of ground-handling , foreign exchange , business travel and much more, all this was under my supervision.

And finally in 2002 I started my own business Elite travel Ltd, so from 2002 until today's date I have covered a wide range of courses.


British airways airline booking system course.

Sabre air line booking service course.

World-span airline booking course.

Kuoni travel specialists worldwide destinations.

Disney worldwide agent course for all Disney products.

Hertz booking service , full Intel on car-hire course.

Snow and sun course geared by various tour operators in the UK & Spain.

On saying all this I have also had the privilege to travel the world with my wife Cristina and our two children ,that's why Elite Travel Ltd is the Travel agent of choice in town because having traveled my self I know pretty well what our clients expectations and needs are and that is what we deliver first class service & products at the best price possible with out compromising quality.


We have gathered together an exceptional team of dedicated managers and staff to administer our client,s travel needs because it is our constant endeavor to raise the standards of our services. Our goal is to give our clients best value for their money, so let us demonstrate to you that we are the best.


 See you soon at Elite Travel Ltd booking the holiday of your lifetime take my word you are in good hands I guarantee. 



Victor Cardona CEO.



Mrs. Arantxa Martin Abad,

assistant manager.

Degree in Travel and Tourism at the University of Zaragoza.

In December 1996 Arantxa organized the opening of a Halcon Viajes new office in La Linea, Spain. She was in charge of this office, with great success, until March 2002.

Since then she works at Elite Travel, becoming Assistant Manager for her vast experience and professional qualities.


Mrs. Celia Fernandez Garcia,

Travel consultant.

Superior Studies in Travel Agencies.

She started working for Tourafrica during 5 years, and 1 year more for Viajes Trujillo, both in Spain. After this, she worked in Euro-American Tours in Gibraltar for 2 years. And finally, in 2004, she arrives in Elite Travel working as travel consultant.


Mrs. Raquel Pavón Guerrero, Travel consultant.

Degree in Travel and Tourism at EUA Relaciones Laborales in Jerez, Spain. She has 6 years experience as travel agent in Halcon Viajes in Spain. After this, 2 years working for Alpha Travel in Gibraltar. And finally, since April 2009 as travel consultant in Elite Travel.

Meet the team


Mrs Inmaculada Jimenez Gonzalez.

In 1996 Inma commenced her tourism experience in a course in public relations and protocol, under the sales and marketing strategies she was undertaking. She later undertook a very important course in Renfe Trains System and an Amadeus Airline Booking Service system. These are the 2 main factors that a good travel agent needs to cover in early stages of preparation.


In 1996 Inma began her degree in Tourism Management at the University of Alhamar,she did a 3 year degree ending in 1999.


In between there has been some courses in hotel animation, which she thoroughly enjoyed.


As soon as Inma finished her degree she started with Halcon Viajes in 1999, through to 2002 where she headed a new venture at Viajes Port Albo taking her to 2015.


By this time Inma wanted to refresh her English language and decided to start a new role in Sterling Travel Gibraltar,where she had 2 years of experience in her 2nd language. Finally here is Inma with us

In Elite Travel, she started in May 2017, and hopefully will never leave.


Mr Juan Andres Lopez Ruiz.

Licenced in Environmental 

Science at the University of Seville, Spain

and secondly achieved a degree in Travel and Tourism at the Jerez University also in Spain.

Juan Andres has excellent formation in travel consultancy, due to many courses he took whilst his 12 years duration as travel agent in Viajes El Corte Ingles

where in his 2nd year was already promoted to Branch Manager.

Finally he landed in Elite Travel something which he had been thinking for a while. His vast knowledge of travel is overwhelming and his actual personal visits to so many many countries has enhanced his knowledge even more.


Mrs Cristina Cardona.

 Started in the photography industry in 1991 but a few years later exactly on 2005  had to leave her passion for photography and move on to join the  Elite Travel team as her husband Victor Cardona CEO  needed a good Administration Manager in his team and due to her studies and a good training course from Victors brother. She came to be an excellent Administration Manager.

Her organisational skills are perfect that is why every single booking flows perfectly on the administration side of things which is as important as the reservation side. 

Nowadays her Intel in travel is tremendous as having travelled the world with her husband she knows exactly what are our clients needs.  

Why book with us

  • Gibraltar's travel agent of choice

  • Friendly helpful passionate and dedicated staff

  • Widest choice of holidays in town

  • Low deposits 

  • 99% of our customers rate our service as good



Elite Travel Ltd is proud to be Gibraltar's travel agent of choice . We've been booking holidays for customers for over 20 years, and are proud to say there isn’t much we don't know about the worldwide holidays we offer.


Well traveled and trained, our staff pride themselves in providing excellent customer service to every customer who trusts us with their holiday arrangements. Our independence means we have access to a wide choice of tour operators and airlines, and we always endeavor to find your perfect holiday for the best possible price. We can guarantee that your holiday arrangements are safe in our hands.


From family holidays to cruise holidays, long haul holidays to short breaks, get away weekends we have the widest choice of holiday deals for you to choose from. Many of our holidays can be booked today with a low deposit .


So, what are you waiting for? Book your dream holiday with Elite Travel Ltd today!


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