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My personal letter.

Once upon a time .........


I wanted to start this letter firstly by thanking all of our clientele for their continued support during so many years.Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.It goes without saying a very special thanks to the creator of this website who has enhanced our image through his special gift in IT ...Mr Luis Pitto.


I started on a very cold day on 7th January 2002,I will always remember as I took the left turn from Irish Town to Parliament Lane at 0925 hours. It was my first day and a whole new story in my career was about to begin. My first surprise was to find sitting outside Elite Travel, a very special and dear school friend and client of mine waiting for me to open and book 2 holidays for that year for him and his family. I will always be grateful for that gesture as he knew I opened that day and knew all I had gone through with my previous employers. He supported me and even helped me with furniture, stationery and other stuff, which I forget now after all these years.

Thank you mate!!!!! I never forgot that Mr James Bassadone (Junior),there should be more people like you in this world......

Anyways that was breaking the ice ,in Elite’s opening..Not bad eh??? So I sat down on my chair and worked day and night ,I had the enormous luck with time to group up a select and excellent team, My good friends nowadays Arantxa Martin ,Celia Fernandez and Raquel Pavon....Girls you are great. Little did I know that this team was even going to get bigger with my wife Cristina Cardona ,Inmaculada Jimenez and Juan Andres Lopez.There will be a mail shooting soon through all your homes ,as I need to tell you and boast about Inma and Juan Andres....they are excellent in what they do.

So here we are now on October 2017, with a completely refurbished office and loads and loads of work!!!!!!!


I hope this website is to your liking and I hope we are up to your needs through all this new technology which I particularly, am not very good at hahaha!!!

We will be able to attend all our clients as usual in our office, through phone and through our website and Facebook.We will keep you informed of all our bargains and offers, and will fight our way through for many more years to come.

My dearest good friend Ms Giselle Carreras , don't think I have forgotten you. Always by my side on those difficult moments at the beginning of Elite Travel. Never for a second did you bail on me but instead , forgot your life for a while and just took care of me.

Holding my hand , drying my tears and teaching me that every wrong doing they did to me had to make me stronger.You are a genuine , excellent hearted , down to earth individual who just wants to help everyone in need , for this and much more.....Thank you my friend!!!!!


Lastly but not in the least ,I wanted to finalise this letter down memory lane, thanking my brother Mr Andrew Gabriel Cardona ,who was there in the beginnings for nearly 2 years, held my hand ,dried my tears and pushed me all the way through. Thank you brother ,for all you did, for putting up with those horrible mood swings I had ,for marketing Elite Travel everywhere you went and for being my rock, I love you bro,you did good by me, and as you always like us saying..........YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!!!!!


Yours sincerely,


Victor Exhavier Cardona

Managing Director for

Elite Travel Ltd.

My first day at the office on 7th January 2002

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